Custom Promotional Sale Kit
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See submission Guidelines if you would like to send us the artwork for these signs.


  Provide the information for your sign in the following steps. Our Designers will use the following information to email you a proof copy! Don't see what you want! Pick your size and we'll do the rest. E-mail us through customerservice@ayrsigns.com if you need help or call 602-526-0115. Feel free to send at photo for your poster at no extra cost. We print full color at 720 DPI.

STEP 1 Please provide TITLE below. If none require, go to step 2.
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STEP 5 Please select a sign template by clicking on "Call 602-526-0115". If you have a design for sign go to step 6

14x20 Pennant
Item # SK21
Price: $4.99
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28.5X9.5 Streamer
Item # SK22
Price: $4.99
Call 602-526-0115
22x28 Poster
Item # SK23
Price: $11.00
Call 602-526-0115
40x51 Super Poster
Item # SK24
Price: $35.00
Call 602-526-0115
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STEP 6 If you have a logo, photo or design to send us, please up load now. Provide name of file in the special instructions as you checkout.
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After you upload please E-mail us through customerservice@ayrsigns.com . Provide name of file and your name.

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