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Gemini Custom Cast Leaf
Gemini Letters Lifetime GuaranteeCast metal letters and logos have always imparted a stately aura of permanence, style, and class on the sites they adorn. Perhaps this is because the underlying casting process itself has changed so little over the past 1000 years. It may also be because the letter casting process allows for the creation of the deepest, sturdiest, most beautiful metal letters and logs. No matter the reason, Gemini is the only one to use for cast letter signage. Gemini has devoted 50,000 square feet to the storage of our CNC cut, hand finished patterns in over 50 of the most common letter styles. Our all-electric, pollution-free furnaces in Texas, Iowa and Minnesota melt the virgin bronze and aluminum ingot used in the process. Our hand finished product is produced for you in about 8 days – often for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality.

Gemini Custom Cast Smith & Wesson Logo
Durability & Long Lasting Beauty.
  • Natural satin is standard but not the only option.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all finishes.
  • Mounting hardware included with all orders with appropriate stud diameter for quality installation.
  • All materials cast are lead and mercury free.
Gemini Architectural Cast Bronze "C" w/satin finish
Cast Metal Letters = Quality + Affordability.
  • Over 50 standard styles are more economical than sheet cut aluminum or bronze products.
  • The depth in cast letters is unmatched.
  • Custom logos are available at minimal expense–especially with repeat orders or duplicate pieces.
  • Our hand finished letters come in 16 different finishes including polished, anodized or oxidized.
Gemini Letters–Aroma Underground Cast Letters
Where to Use Gemini Cast Metal Letters and logos.
  • When depth is required in letterstyle and/or logo.
  • On professional offices, universities and government buildings.
  • When flat cut-out is too expensive.
  • When needing a sense of permanency.

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